When I got to KEX for KEXP's (Seattle) traditional music showcase, the crowd was pretty sparse. Lucky for me, I was able to grab a spot in the front. The Holy a band from Helsinki, Finland were on tap to play and it was exactly as I hoped it would be. Full of jerky yet melodic post-punk with vocals possibly borrowed from Springsteen (or in modern terms, The War on Drugs) and melodies in the vein of Kraftwerk, New Order (or perhaps a contemporary Preoccupations). Which is another way of saying, what once was old is new again (and again). Oh yeah, and kill your idols and remake them in your image. Blah, blah, blah. The Holy feels wholly fresh, yet comfortably in the wheelhouse of all those post-punk bands you love, that’s why I highly recommend you listen to their album, subscribe to their newsletter, and see them live when they're next in your town.

And, while I'm still not convinced about the necessity of two drummers when playing live — (not at all synchronized, I wonder if they record with two drummers) it's a definite visual treat to behold. At any rate, I'm super-stoked to discover The Holy. Listen to them and become a fan before they blow up!