On I Luv MondaysI play local bands, I'm so thankful for the songs they make.

Listen to my Top 40 songs of 2018:

Part 1: Warp, Madeline Kenney, Free Paintings, Planet What, Kokomo Hum, Bobbi Rohs, Pllush, Marbled Eye, Qing Qi, Wax Idols, Time Fraud, Doncat, Mae Powell, Marinero, James Wavey aka Alleyes Manifest, K Skelton, Moon Daze, Tony Molina, Blues Lawyer, and AhMerAhSu.

Part 2: Field Medic, Anna Hillburg, Lola Lazer, Turqouiz Noiz, Francisco y Madero, Jacob Aranda, dot Vom, Love-Birds, Cindy, Rays, Blades of Joy, Louda, Al Harper, Banzai Cliff, Screature, Michael O., Trash Vampires, Las Dueñas, Them Are Us Too, and Curling.

My top 5 albums of the year:

Bobbi Rohs, ITSJUSTTHELETTERB (Textme Records): The most vulnerable and open emotional heights of 2018 were reached by Rohs across ITSJUSTTHELETTERB, these seven songs floored me every time.

Blues Lawyer, Guess Work(Emotional Response): A convincing argument against ever making songs more than two and a half minutes long, and for the return of dry love songs after a decade of psych dreampop saying who knows what.

Warp, WARP EP: Finally someone expresses how we really feel, in wailing guitars and vivid words.

Marbled Eye,Leisure LP(Digital Regress):  Aggressive complexity narrated in droll fashion, what more do you want.

Jacob Aranda, Great Highway: In Aranda's songs the truth comes in three forms, stoic, confessional and funny, over choice arrangements played by a crack all-star band.