Hello! I'm DJ Sanspants (the one on the right.) Here's some of my favorite music released in 2018. I actually kept it to five this time! Onto the list!

1. Palm // Rock Island


Rock Island is easily my #1 album this year. Justin from A Thick Mist texted me and said "I think you might like this." Holy shit was he right. Experimental math pop. Holy shit. 

2. Knock Over City // It's Bad Dude

(Constant Disappointment)

It's good, dude. I love these guys. Great indie rock from Lowell, MA. It's their first album as a three piece and I'm excited to see where their music goes from here.

3. Daughters // You Won't Get What You Want


I'm so happy Daughters is back. I loved Hell Songs and S/T. This isn't as crazy as those two, but crap is it good. Unsettling and heavy.

4. Shuttle358 // Field


I heard Shuttle358 for the first time this year because of Field and I flew headfirst into his catalog. Beautiful glitchy ambient. 12k puts out quality albums and this is no exception.

5. Beach House // 7

(Sub Pop)

I'm not a huge fan of the first six Beach House albums, but I REALLY loved this one. Enough of a departure from their other output but still maintains their identity. Black Car is the standout track for me.

Other favorites from this year:

The Sea and Cake // Any Day (Thrill Jockey)

Mouse On The Keys // Tres (Topshelf)

Pllush // Stranger To The Pain (Father Daughter)

Kamasi Washington // Heaven And Earth (Young Turks)

Superorganism // Superorganism (Domino)

Steve Hauschildt // Dissolvi (Ghostly)

Geotic // Traversa (Ghostly)