Sup! Here are my top picks from 2019. As you'll notice, not all songs and albums were released in 2019 though they made their way to me this year. My last show of the year features some of these, which you can listen to here.

Top 5 Songs

1. Missing - Truncate: a transcendental dance track. very grateful to have stumbled across this one

2. Electrocuted - Babe Rainbow: on the latin/jazzy side for Babe Rainbow but executed very well- my favorite off of their latest album, Today

3. I Was Sad Last Night I'm OK Now - tobi lou: too catchy for it's own good. Favorite hip hop/rap track of the year - thanks Ash (Ninja Tune Radio) for putting it on my radar

4. Kisloty People - Schacke: a banger, to put it simply - heard this on many dancefloors this year

5. Doy Doy Doymadim - Senay (1980): - dope Turkish disco funk from the strange and beautiful Senay

Honorable Mentions:

  • Boys - Lizzo: If you don't like Lizzo, I don't like you
  • Morro do Barraco Sem Agua - Lemos e Debetio (1974): Brazilian funk JAM

Top 5 Albums

1. Anemone - Beat My Distance the kind of album you definitely want to play on a road trip or anywhere in the sun. Really nice psych rock pop. love Anemone

2. Amato - Mechanisms Vol. 1 nice and grimey electro for the dancefloor

3. Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs gorgeous, intimate folk. Nice for a bubble bath

4. Babe Rainbow - Today lovely amalgamation of psych rock, folk rock, latin jazzy tunes from this Aussie quartet

5. Moby - Moby (1992) a surprising album of acid house and uptempo electronica that was Moby's first release

Honorable Mentions

  • Crosby, Stills and Nash - Deja Vu (1970) - masters of harmony and folk - gorgeous uplifting and soul inspiring classic folk rock