Guitarist, composer and Full Spectrum Records co-founder Andrew Weathers stopped in for a visit on this week's Sounds In The Darkto chat about all things music, including insights into his creative process that draws from diverse musical influences including punk, free jazz and folk music.  Other topics include his recent solo record Littlefield, and fresh releases from Beast Nest and Glover/Perrault on Full Spectrum.

Plus, sit back as Andrew weaves a compelling 30-minute improvised in-studio sonic tapestry right before your ears, armed with his guitar and a case of electronics. And, (as if it couldn't get any better) get a sneak preview of two tracks from his newest record with the Andrew Weathers Ensemble entitled Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything due out June 1st. They come right off of the vinyl test pressings Andrew picked up that afternoon (!), so it's a true first listen.

Be a fly on the wall for this fun evening of music and conversation here.