"Creep Beat is sick!" the cheetles yipped after catching their set a few months back, promptly following up the next day with an invite to cheetle radio. We just couldn't resist, man. Surfy as all hell and gritty like hot summer sand, Creep Beat is the ticket--rock 'n' roll full of screeches and whinnies that leave everyone in limbshot happily sweat-soaked.

Their debut tape is a real trip, recorded in the faded hours between 2 and 7am and is meant to be heard at a "volume louder than ears with regular sensitivity can stand--not meant for squares." You have been warned, fools.  Besides playin' their own stuffs, these genuine weirdos also put onnnnn shows as Pizza Punx, supporting killer North Bay bands on the regular.

We cheetles are stoked to host the Santa Rosa cats in the BFF.fm studio this Friday to blast jams and blurt some real feels. Tune in, ok ok?