Fine Points is a new musical group comprised of members of Sleepy Sun. For fans of the San Francisco psych band, Fine Points will not disappoint. Formed in San Francisco's Inner Sunset district and immortalized on record deep in the heart of Oakland, Fine Points was born of the wind and the waves; the grit and the grime.

Their debut album entitled "Hover" is a perfect blend of psych and rock, with crystalline guitars, fuzzy tones, and dreamy entrancing vocals. Listening to this 7-song record, I'm transported into the 80's, then 70's. This mellow jammer is what you'd expect to hear if you visualized a disco ball shimmer underneath a wave in the Pacific Ocean - minus anything disco related.

Fine Points will bring their music to share and take over the airwaves of "Loud & Local" this week from 6pm-8pm!

See you then.