When I previously sat down to write a preview of Escort and highly suggest you buy a ticket for their April 25 show at the Rickshaw Stop, I planned to use words like fun disco beats, energetic keys, talented singing, and upbeat good vibes. Then I saw their shot-by-shot remake of the Journey video, “Separate Ways”…

I mean, holy f**k, right? This video seems like it sits at the corner of ‘About Time’ and ‘Can You Believe This?!’ If it isn’t apparent, this is the best place to be. And is it weird that I get some joy in watching the not-quite-right lip syncing?

This isn't to overshadow Escort's genuine talent and their song, “Outta My Head”—is a catchy dancefloor number with a rock edge.

So, grab your tickets (or win a pair!) for the April 25 show at the Rickshaw Stop and you won't regret it!

Bring your best buds and don’t forget to slip on your dancing shoes!