DJ Mr Darcy


Howdy,I've moved from the Midwest to pop a squat for grad school at USF in the MFA Writing program. In between study time, I'm looking for inspiration to persist through the majesty of music. And community radio is essentially the pot of gold at the end of that coping-with-acute-academic-anxiety rainbow. I play mostly new releases from up and comers in genres of hip hop, jazz, folk, psychedelic, pop and the unbounded sonic atmosphere that lies beneath the indie/alternative umbrella.For queries/comments/pitches, contact me at


Recent Broadcasts


Meet the DJs: Sasha

Each Tuesday morning, Sasha puts a fierceness into his mixtape that even leaves Beyoncé's jaw dropped. His always gregarious spirit presents AM mixtapes that’ll get you going lightyears better than Folgers.

Meet the DJs: Caro Prizm

'Night Light Radio's' infrared zest is brought to you by Mz Prizm’s always alacritous energy, whose premise for the show is to take us somewhere over, under, sideways, through, and within a rainbow of music in a “kaleidoscope of styles.”