1.21 gigawatts

About 1.21 gigawatts

RELAX NOW BABIES, slide into the wormhole and enjoy the cosmic string...

Join us for some musical time travel, as we leap year to year, stretching back to the BEGINNING of recorded music.

It's 1959. Sun Studio reigns supreme - a bit of Ray Charles,The Drifters, and The Flamingos to kick it off.

Bounce forward to 1993. We’re in Brit pop heaven, stiiiinky grunge and golden era hip-hop.

1938. Blues run the game. We’re selling our souls to the devil live on air for the chance to be DJ masters of the universe. Lead Belly, Sonny Boy Williamson, Lester Young, Jelly Roll Morton provide the musical backdrop.

Want to swim in a warm pool of indie? 2004's the year. Ratatat, The Concretes, The Walkmen, Arthur Russell, Air, Arcade Fire, and Elliott Smith are taking off their skivvies.

1981. New Order, Visage and dare we say Duran Duran? [Duran Duran!] Regrettably no visual radio yet, so no one gets to see our cushy shoulder pads or asymmetrical haircuts.

1824. Beet. Hoven. Need we say more.


  • Possibly the best year in music?

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