It's ALLSORTS of sounds: from fractured folk, out jazz, indie rock, soul, psychedelic cumbia, avant-garage, twang, classic punk + a little cha-cha-cha.  Enjoy the ride with Michele K-tel as your friendly guide --> presenting a range of new releases, loose connections on a theme PLUS a weekly Dusty Vinyl Detour.

  • Tuesday 4:00 – 6:00pm


  • On this edition: ALLSORTS of Golden Sounds of Covid-19 featuring the timely cassette collection of the same name that benefits musicians disrupted by the pandemic.  Other…

    № 50

  • Michele K-tel extends her streaming-in-place quarantine with a round of new music that includes Clem Snide, the original line-up of L.A. punks X + Dead Ghosts,…

    № 49

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  • Michele K-tel continues to hide out in the basement to play ALLSORTS of new folk, jazz, afrobeat and Argentine post-punk from the likes of Joan Shelley,…

    № 48

  • Michele K-tel streams another ALLSORTS from the safety of her basement w/ coronavirus inspired selections from Ty Segall, Brazil's the Boogarins, SF guitarist (and ENTERTAINER) Bill…

    № 47

  • On this edition: Michele K-tel encourages you while you hang on staying at OHM with ALLSORTS of new music from the likes of Beauty Pill, Dakhabrakha,…

    № 46

  • On this episode: Michele K-tel broadcasts from her basement and plays music to encourage you to stay at home plus new local sounds from the Leave…

    № 45

  • ALLSORTS OF SUPER on this edition as Michele K-tel gets out the  SUPER TUESDAY VOTE w/ new Bay Area sounds from Sour Widows + Boyscouts +…

    № 44

  • Michele K-tel rolls out ALLSORTS of BON TEMPS in celebration of Mardi Gras.

    № 43

  • Michele K-tel moves ALLSORTS to a new time slot and invites special guest DJ Big Cookie to share her magical rainbow sunshine music picks with the…

    № 42

  • Michele K-tel with all the hearts.

    № 41