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Mostly weird experimental stuff, noise, drone, ambient, avant-garde, musique concrète, abstract whatever, also some beat heavy techno type jams, a dose of raw black metal or crushing doom, maybe some worldly pop/funk/psych/etc, the occasional ancient folk from America or elsewhere, and whatever else happens to catch my fancy at the moment. Basically, anything that you might find me getting psyched about on my website, Anti-Gravity Bunny.

Every so often I'll do a themed show, and about once every month or two I do a label spotlight where I'll go through a specific record label's discography and highlight my favorite releases.

I post the playlist and downloadable/streamable archive of every episode here.

Heavy Rotation


  • Thom Wasluck aka Planning For Burial started a new label called  Glowing Window Recordings  and the first/only two releases (Ruined & Autumn Pool) he put out…

  • Maaaaan Nested is unbelievably good. There’s 3 free* records on  Bandcamp  that you need in your life.

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  • Death Grips was an admittedly strange choice to put between those last two songs, but I couldn't help it.

  • Holy shit this episode is STAAACKED. New stuff by The Gerogerigegege, Pita, Nisennenmondai, and William Cody Watson! And I just discovered Robert Curgenven, who is fucking…

  • Bookended with two of the best records of the year, Julianna Barwick and Andy Stott, with some weird techno, blistering psych, and acoustic depression in the…

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