• Welcome to tonight's show! The Halloween Special! Featuring some old Halloween classics, soundtrack music, and many from Danny Elfman! Listen if you dare... 🎃

    120 mins

  • Welcome to tonight's show! We start off the program with alt-pop artist, Katherine Aly, based out of Edinburgh in the UK! Katherine's new single is "Pariah"…

    120 mins

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  • BritRox Beatle Bonanza #1 Thank you for listening! ❤️ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE❤️

    120 mins

  • UK musings in the night! Tonight: Britpop, 80’s post-punk, Swedish pop and more! Thank you for listening! Much love!

    120 mins

  • Welcome to Britrox! Tonight's episode is a cosmic, dream-poppy, dark kind of journey! Thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the show! Much…

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roller disco ish funky stuff to liven up your Mondays. sprinkled with new stuff, local stuff, and maybe some classic golden oldies.