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Curated tunes ranging anywhere from bedroom pop, lo-fi, garage rock, shoegaze, art punk, electronic, and dream pop!

But wait, there's more! Featuring interviews with anyone from comedians, musicians, tattoo artists, POC in STEM, leaders in the kink community, life coaches, and non-monogamists, there is never a dull moment. It's a C00L WORLD and we're here to explore it.

Heavy Rotation


  • Kelsey Styles sits down with non-monogamy & sexual exploration leaders, Ethan Cantil-Voorhees and Mackenzie Nicholson of Organ House (OH!), to discuss enthusiastic consent, navigating your first…

  • Kelsey Styles sits down with graduate research assistant, Marissa Castro, to discuss her efforts in water restoration and preservation, challenges as a woman of color in…

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  • Kelsey Styles sits down with tattooer and illustrator, Jess Koala (@jess_koala_tattoo), to discuss her art, breaking through as a queer artist in the industry, and the…

  • Kelsey Styles sits down with comedian, Connor Marshall, to discuss his journey to stardom, his comic "Dr. Fart," and an on-air first date.

  • Kelsey Styles sits down with her BFF Sam to discuss growing up in Florida, cultural identity as a first-generation American, and the myth/legend of Florida Man.

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