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Eclectic Kettle was a show hosted by Simon Batistoni and Ben Ward, our unintentionally-comedic duo of beardy Brits. Playing new and less new tunes from dirty lo-fi punk to airy ethereal dance, and geiger-counter–laced British electronica, with regular support from friends and guest DJs bringing their own strange and wonderful tastes to the air. Eclectic Kettle ran for five years: from December 2013 to December 2018.

Amateur professionals, veering closer to professional incompetents, Simon and Ben became sidetracked by rambling digressions about football (the proper kind, sometimes the other kind), cheese, linguistics, and lobster. One time they had a uninterrupted 20 minute argument about Britpop, but they promised never to do that again.


  • This time we really mean it. After 227 shows, plus some reruns, this is the very last broadcast of Eclectic Kettle. Recorded live at the end…


  • w/ Guest
    • Tom Coates

    With the last Kettle in the can, we continue our December retrospective with a re-run of January 2016's Bowie spectacular, with special guest host Tom Coates…


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  • Another classic Kettle repeat this week, this time back to March 2017 and delightful rambling about visits to the moon. Remember, you can support the…


  • With Eclectic Kettle now at its end, we're spending December reliving a handful of our favourite and memorable moments from Kettle's five year history. This week…


  • After 227 shows, Eclectic Kettle is coming to an end. Simon and Ben are in the studio together again, with many returning cast members and friends.

    № 228

  • w/ Guest
    • Tom Coates
    • Anna Pickard

    In the penultimate broadcast of Eclectic Kettle we welcome back Tom and Anna as co-hosts for a fresh round of joyous, chaotic banter and mirth. We…

    № 227

  • w/ Guest
    • Fiona Miller

    It's election night in America, do you know where you votes are? Honestly, Simon and I have found ourselves suckered into bloviating political commentary before and…

    № 226

  • A solo round from Ben, doubling down on mostly-new music this week, with a decadent diversion into the soundtrack works of Radiohead.

    № 225

  • w/ Guest
    • Tom Coates

    This week Ben is at the Gruff Rhys show (we may have mentioned that a few times…) so tonight's episode is pre-recorded with regular occasional co-host…

    № 224

  • Hosted by
    • Ben Ward
    w/ Guest
    • Gruff Rhys

    On October 16th, Gruff Rhys joined our broadcast of Eclectic Kettle. We abridged the interview for airtime, but here's the full version, along with a transcript.

    № 233 Bonus  36 mins

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