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Weekly eclectic sessions featuring live in-studio interviews and performances, classics on vinyl, previews of yet unreleased records, indie labels showcase and an accent.

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  • Tuesday 2:00 – 4:00pm


  • Tired of listening over and over the same songs on your streaming platform? That's why you should listen to the radio made by humans, not algorithms;…

    S04 E44

  • Support your community radio, it's the End of the Year Fundraiser! Episode #190

    S04 E43

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  • Episode #189

    S04 E42

  • According to Urban Dictionary, an Italo Disco Nap is a nap followed by an espresso. I guess it fits this episode featuring a selection of fresh…

    S04 E41

  • Season 4 Episode 40 is here! Enjoy the fresh music selection for today. Episode #187

    S04 E40

  • Episode #186

    S04 E39

  • An eclectic selection of worldwide dance tracks just to take you somewhere else. Enjoy Episode #185

    S04 E38

  • My first broadcast was exactly 11 years ago on a small no-profit radio from Miami, Florida; then was Hudson Valley, New York, and San Francisco, California.

    S04 E37

  • Episode #183

    S04 E36

  • Back at the controls after a month of travels, excited to be back and share with you this fresh selection of tunes Episode #182

    S04 E35