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About møod swings

hi, y'all i'm møod ring!

i'll be stopping by weekly to give you a super special hour of songs to make you feel a type of way - featuring new music, overshares, and vibe checks. tune in every monday from 7-8pm. thanks for listening!

wanna say hi? send requests/ideas for shows? talk about your feelings? be a guest dj? send me an email at:

Heavy Rotation

  • Monday 7:00 – 8:00pm


  • it's taurus season, it's the start of may, it's been 3 days since our bay area queen KEHLANI dropped "blue water road"... and we're feeling? ROOTED.

    60 mins

  • feeling reminiscient ... of the early 2000s! the y2k wave has arrived, baby! so many songs, couldn't include them all in one hour... gotta remind myself…

    60 mins

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  • peace and serenity... channeling inner peace and serenity... feat new music and songs that bring me ❁ peace ❁ by: mahalia, flo, kakie, phoebe bridgers, mnelia, amber ais,…

    60 mins

  • feeling like... it's a new era! feeling ur feelings is now: MOØD SWINGS! celebrating change, feeling present in this new time, etc, etc featuring music by…

    60 mins

  • feeling new? feeling fresh? celebrating my birthday week with all new music :) feat. tunes by confidence man, tank and the bangas, neoma, cookii, yuné pinku,…

    60 mins

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