Fractal Chambers

About Fractal Chambers

Two former KDVS DJs reunite and alternate weekly to bring you noisy sounds and chill cuts from the homeland and beyond its borders.

  • Clementine’s all about those noisy tunes from all over
  • Baqvas’s sweet on international tracks and local stuff

Heavy Rotation

  • Saturday 10:00 – 11:00am


  • Today's show is a multi-genre set of fun arabic pop and rock, a mix of more electronic and EBM. Most of the music is made by…

    60 mins

  • Just a set with a whole lot of electronic music varieties, with the occasional hiphop song mixed in. The set feat. lots of tracks made by…

    60 mins

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  • Today's show is all about getting that energy out. Anxious energy, that stuck-in-one-place energy, pandemic nervousness energy -- also that angry energy that came from hearing…

    60 mins

  • I have a wholeeee lot of music for you today where electronic sounds take center stage! I haven't done this in awhile... probably because I miss…

    60 mins

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