Full Moon Radio Hour


  • with excerpts from: The Shiver of the Vampires, 1971 The Resident, from Suspense Radio House of Evil, from Ghost Story, 1972 Wicks of Wisdom Infomercial ft.

  • with excerpts from: sex education film from the 1960s swami vivekananda saraswati of agama yoga, 2007 sexual energy meditations with antero alli, 1989 instant self-hypnosis audiobook,…

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  • featuring cover art by shayna yasuhara // @shaynaface

  • featuring cover art by shayna yasuhara

  • // with cover art by: shayna yasuhara instagram: @shaynaface www.shaynayasuhara.com   // // with excerpts from: "saturn radio emissions captured by cassini spacecraft" from NASA  www.nasa.gov…

  • // with excerpts from: I CAN by Ben Sweetland, Success Motivation Cassette Tapes, 1960. Sexual Energy Meditations with Antero Alli, "For creating a highly relaxed yet…

  • full moon in libra // mr cokorda rai

  • full moon in leo // ayahuasca

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