Highbrow Happy Hour

About Highbrow Happy Hour

Highbrow Happy Hour welcomes folk of all brows, emotional states and timelines to two hours of music curated for your afternoon listening pleasure. Need a reminder of just how cool you really are? Here it is. Kick back, feel good.

From soulful grooves to jazzy chord progressions to smooth latin vibes, Dan Merino and Logan Hershfeld cover ground old and new, distant and local,  digging for songs and artists with that extra little zing.

The Highbrow Happy Hour also features the occasional interview with local musicians, artists and chefs who bring their own unique styles to the Bay Area and BFF studio.

Heavy Rotation

  • Monday 4:00 – 6:00pm (bi-weekly)


  • Here's to having some fun in situations that have no right being a party.  Just don't do it like Boris Johnson.

    S2 E8 120 mins

  • Coming in cold on the wintery front with a sweet cup of warm soul. Come join us today from 4 to 6pm.

    S1 E7

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  • Join the rollercoaster of events that is this Happy Hour as we journey to the depths of your true intuition.

    S1 E6

  • From the Neo Japanese Jazz scene to California local folk music, come join us explore these worlds with our special guest artist and musician Matt Goff…

    S1 E5 120 mins

  • Come join us in your best evening attire while we transport you to a time not so long ago, when the most thrilling activity you could…

    S1 E4

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