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Whatever you think of classical music, put those thoughts aside for two hours every Sunday morning. Join Sasha (formerly Boy with Girl's Name Morning Mixtape) with open ears and an open mind to explore the vast world of orchestral, chamber, opera, experimental, and other forms of art music.

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Heavy Rotation

  • Sunday 8:00 – 10:00am


  • 120 mins

  • 120 mins

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  • Lots of new music and some fun discoveries to share with you this week. Enjoy!

    120 mins

  • I think I was overdue making another ambient mixtape for you all. It seems like everyone could use some extra chill in their life right now...

    120 mins

  • We begin this week's episode with music by and about indigenous artists, continue to works by and about immigrants to the US, and end with compositions…

    120 mins

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