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Whatever you think of classical music, put those thoughts aside for two hours every Sunday morning. Join Sasha (formerly Boy with Girl's Name Morning Mixtape) with open ears and an open mind to explore the vast world of orchestral, chamber, opera, experimental, and other forms of art music.

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Heavy Rotation

  • Sunday 8:00 – 10:00am


  • No theme this week, just some great music that's been composed over the last 50 years or so by Esa Pekka Salonen, Alyssa Morris, Ellen Taaffe…

    120 mins

  • All vocal music this episode. Enjoy.

    120 mins

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  • Between the fog and the light pollution, we so rarely see stars in San Francisco, but we can still dream of them. Let this week's episode…

    120 mins

  • For Loose Canon Listening Club's first Sunday broadcast, I found inspiration from fellow BFF.fm DJ Michele K-Tel , as well as WNYC's New Sounds . You'll…

    120 mins

  • This week's episode features new music by Briars of North America, English composer and singer Stef Conner performed by members of the London Symphony Orchestra, Hannah…

    120 mins

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