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About Megan's Miscellaneous Hour

This show was created in order to showcase new, local artists and artists that are playing in the bay area. However it has developed into a music show comprised of my favorites, which include the previously mentioned themes as well. Some shows will be music you've heard before, but with discussion explaining the musicality of a song or artist in general.


Heavy Rotation


  • This week on Megan's Miscellaneous Hour, I will be broadcasting my podcast She Did What?! I will be sharing the story of Lucy Parsons, an anarchist…

  • The broadcast this week is a rerun of last year's march. I sat down with a few girlfriends who attended the march as well as bringing…

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  • This is week I play some new tracks I have come across as well as the usual curated list of songs I LOVE!

  • The first part of this show featured LGBTQ artists, followed up by upcoming musicians. This week I'm featuring only women and LGBTQ artists.

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