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Hi my name is Alexi and this is Nocean Beach on the radio waves- my local music, internet radio thing. For each episode, I'll bring you a dose of local music, as well as some music relevant to recent or upcoming concerts and releases, and some completely irrelevant music just because I feel like playing it. I'll also talk about going to local shows alone or with special guests. Thanks for having a listen.

  • Sunday 4:00 – 6:00pm (bi-weekly)


  • The song of the summer is somewhere in here!

  • Sunday morning.. (in the evening)

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  • You're gonna make it after all

  • The Quarter Quell! That's a Hunger Games reference

  • Summer of the mind (amber waves on the brain).

  • Take pride.

  • Keep your foot on the gas

  • Black Lives Matter. TW: Mention of murder at 0:29:04 - 0:29:30

  • Meme day weekend

  • Nice.