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Hi my name is Alexi and this is Nocean Beach on the radio waves- my local music, internet radio thing. For each episode, I'll bring you a dose of local music, as well as some music relevant to recent or upcoming concerts and releases, and some completely irrelevant music just because I feel like playing it. I'll also talk about going to local shows alone or with special guests. Thanks for having a listen.

  • Sunday 4:00 – 6:00pm (bi-weekly)


  • There's a chill so we're chillin. 11/10 Locus Pocus and Rickshaw Stop 11/10 Max Gardener at Rickshaw Stop 11/13 Twin Peaks at Great American 11/13 Still…

  • 10/27 Lizzo at Bill Graham   10/27 Empress of at Bill Graham   10/28 Big Thief at The Fillmore   10/29 Remo Drive at the Catalyst…

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  • Spooky scary! Upcoming shows: 10/20 Justice at 1015 folsom 10/22 Andrew Bird at the fox 10/23 Kendra mckinley at rickshaw 10/25 The she’s at the chapel 10/26 Claire George at the…

  • This is a spooky episode number, but this is not a spooky episode. Too many shows this week! 10/13 clairo and beabadoobee at regency 10/14 clairo and beabadoobee…

  • Would it be helpful to list cool upcoming shows? 9/30 Spellling at Great American 10/1 Soccer Mommy bill graham 10/1 The Growlers at Ace of Spades Sac 10/1 Vampire Weekend…

  • Disco surf o'clock! Wowie!

  • Do you remember?

  • With special guest Stefan Aronsen of Balanced Breakfast, talking about Balanced BreakFEST! Info:

  • NB is over the hill.

  • Chill Girl Summer babyyyy