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An evening session with Ben Ward playing eclectic blends of pop, rock, electronic, dance and whatever else seems tangentially appropriate. A featured guest brings along their musical inspirations and stories, and we'll pour over the record of the week. “This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. No magic, just music.”

  • Tuesday 8:00 – 10:00pm


  • Welcome back to No Magic, where this week we're featuring Death in Vegas sophomore The Contino Sessions .

    № 92 120 mins

  • Once more around the sun. Maybe a year ago I thought to myself that the pandemic might be over. Or… that it would be different at…

    № 91 120 mins

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  • This week's show features the gripping and brilliant new record from Anna B Savage .

    № 90 120 mins

  • It's the final day of the Trump presidency. That's a relief to write. It wasn't really supposed to be the theme of the show, but it's…

    № 89 120 mins

  • The calendar ticked over and we're here in 2021. A new dawn, birds are singing, our averted coup count has reset to… oh, wait, time is…

    № 88 120 mins

  • It's a busy start to the new year so we're going to re-run our best of 2020 while preparing for Year 3 of No Magic. There…

    № 87 120 mins

  • It's the end of the year as we know it, and if we feel anything at all at this point, it's barely “fine”. And yet. “And…

    № 87 120 mins

  • Did you know that Christmas Day is actually the 300th day of March? Our silly little “time is meaningless” meme has a major milestone to coincide…

    № 86 120 mins

  • The nights are dark, the chill is closing in around us, and it makes me look for familiar music that some how captures the feeling of…

    № 85 120 mins

  • Radiohead 's Kid A is a seminal record, one of great import and influence over me, and has always felt a bit “obvious” as a feature…

    № 84 120 mins