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An evening session with Ben Ward playing eclectic blends of pop, rock, electronic, dance and whatever else seems tangentially appropriate. A featured guest brings along their musical inspirations and stories, and we'll pour over the record of the week. “This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. No magic, just music.”

  • Tuesday 8:00 – 10:00pm


  • This week feature's Public Service Broadcasting 's new Bright Magic . Meaning that we say the word “magic” a lot that it gets a bit much.

    № 108 120 mins

  • A pre-recorded but brand new show this week (I'll be out watching Open Mike Eagle play during actual air time) but hopefully you enjoy this blast…

    № 107 120 mins

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  • This week featuring the wonderful mix-tape covers album by Whyte Horses , Hard Times .

    № 106 120 mins

  • Odd set list this week, was in a strange nostalgic mood that wandered all over. Anyway, we're featuring The Magnetic North 's wonderful Prospect of Skelmersdale…

    № 105 120 mins

  • This week we're featuing Super Furry Animals covers by various Welsh artists from the free Corona Logic compilations. These albums were recorded entirely in lockdown by…

    № 104 120 mins

  • We back. Much is the same, and yet, anew: Tonight we enjoy the very first back-in-studio No Magic. Not exactly “post-pandemic”, because… well. But, post-hiatus. In…

    № 103 120 mins

  • The past year, as you're aware, has been a lot . It's with great relief that, with the power of 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine…

    № 102 120 mins

  • This week's No Magic features the solo breakthrough for Jamie xx , his full album remix with Gil Scott-Heron , We're New Here. Released just a…

    № 101 120 mins

  • Well hello, it's the 100th broadcast of No Magic! Somehow, two and bit years passed us by just like  that. Alas, we cannot celebrate with a…

    № 100 120 mins

  • This week's show embraces old warm night sounds through The Coral 's 2007 Roots & Echoes , a precursor to their new album Coral Island that…

    № 99 120 mins