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An evening session with Ben Ward playing eclectic blends of pop, rock, electronic, dance and whatever else seems tangentially appropriate. A featured guest brings along their musical inspirations and stories, and we'll pour over the record of the week. “This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. No magic, just music.”

  • Tuesday 8:00 – 10:00pm


  • This week features the delightful April / 月音 from Emmy the Great . It was released last year but I didn't find time to play more…

    № 98 120 mins

  • This week's episode features the new Hannah Peel record Fir Wave , and sends the whole show into a meditative, brooding, trance in and around the…

    № 97 120 mins

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  • One whole year of “broadcasting in place”. An mostly-bitter anniversary, if we're being honest. The discombobulated sensation of being in exactly the same place, and yet…

    № 96 120 mins

  • It's March, still, again. Bit of a lazy show tonight as we don't feature an album of the week, but , no matter, a full set…

    № 95 120 mins

  • It was inevitable, given the enthusiasm which which their comeback single was celebrated on this show, but this week's record of week is of course Arab…

    № 94 120 mins

  • This week we're going to be playing some tracks from the new Maxïmo Park album, Nature Always Wins . It's a pleasing outing for the band,…

    № 93 120 mins

  • Welcome back to No Magic, where this week we're featuring Death in Vegas sophomore The Contino Sessions .

    № 92 120 mins

  • Once more around the sun. Maybe a year ago I thought to myself that the pandemic might be over. Or… that it would be different at…

    № 91 120 mins

  • This week's show features the gripping and brilliant new record from Anna B Savage .

    № 90 120 mins

  • It's the final day of the Trump presidency. That's a relief to write. It wasn't really supposed to be the theme of the show, but it's…

    № 89 120 mins