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a place both wonderful and strange broadcasts dark electronic Brooklyn weirdness, occult rituals, vegan recipes, Hamilton commentary, and a lot of lies.

APBWAS is the Brooklyn-based Occult Electronic Performance Art project. In various incarnations, they play pretty songs, they blow speakers, they do a critically acclaimed and constantly sold out Twin Peaks-based show, they cook, they talk about Drake a lot. Must love dogs.



Heavy Rotation


  • I asked my friend Wil of impeccable taste and abundant resource to find any/all music to create another mix for Postcards. Here it is--it's sublime. Like,…

  • Another stellar guest mix from Frankie Teardrop!

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  • What a f--k of a week. That debate. Etc. My week was awesome, but the world seems to need a big hug, so here. I made…

  • This week, we're doing things a little differently. In an attempt to attack my own personal biases, I have a chat with Kevin Bracken: founder of…

  • Hi there. So, in honor of my dog and the big stupid growth on his ear, I present for the first time ever a remaster of…

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