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a mixed bag of old souls & new funk, head thrashers & pop stars, electronic drones & lo-fi lullabies, stormy rap & raspy crooners, indie upstarts & jazz classics, slow/sad/hard/queer-core – all brought to you by genre-bending, gender-bending, queer, trans, fluid, and/or LGBTQIA+ artists.

here's a list of all the songs played ever on this show that are available on spotify -->> playlist

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  • Sunday 9:00 – 10:00am


  • so many new songs! mostly pop but also some rock n roll and also cass is here again yay spotify playlist big wheels by Kevin Abstract…

    № 13

  • spotify playlist – is here new(ish) releases (and ones to look forward to) Blood by Kelsey Lu, titular single off her forthcoming full length album  that'll…

    № 12

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  • spotify playlist boy tears comp  - all proceeds go to trans lifeline 

    № 11

  • i pick 10, u pick 10, special guest cass picks 10 spoty --> playlist

    № 10

  • spotify

    № 9

  • if u wanna listen on spotify new tracks from The Japanese House, Potty Mouth, Hand Habits, Spellling, The Drums, Vok, Swsh, Lauren Ruth Ward old favs…

    № 8

  • spotify playlis t queer artists playing shows throughout Noise Pop fest to look out for if you're in the Bay Area (pleeeaaase hmu at @queereartunes on…

    № 7

  • spootify ploolist --> spotty sister rosetta tharpe rocking an abandoned train station full of manchester viewers in 1964 --> sister

    № 6

  • songs about love, lust, crushes, hearts crushed, sex, break-ups, make outs, unrequited affection and FEELINGS from the wide range of human emotion – YES valentine's day…

    № 5

  • for spotify playlist? u clicky -->  here !! readers digest: - wake up aggro w Against Me! - Shamir is hella cool - take 3 tracks…

    № 4