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Each week, San Francisco psychotherapist Lily Sloane, along with featured guests, answers some of life’s tough questions. But they won’t just tell you how to get along better with your mother in law. They’ll talk about the role of patriarchy, sexism, capitalism, racism, and other kinds of oppression in our day to day personal struggles and what we need to do to fight the forces that keep us down.


  • San Francisco Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Alice Phipps and I answer some tough questions about our relationship to social media and affairs.

    № 28

  • I speak with SF mayoral candidate and founder of the Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge, Amy Farah Weiss, about homelessness and mental health access in San Francisco.

    № 27

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  • Larry and I talk about issues of unconscious bias in therapy, LGBTQ mental health, and more!

    № 26

  • We talk dreams, parenting, new age nonsense, and economics.

    № 25

  • № 24

  • № 23

  • Today, Lily flies solo and plays extra music for feeling and answers listener questions.

    № 22

  • David Nadelberg, co-creator of Mortified and Lily read from their high school diaries, talk about teen angst, and answer some listener questions.

    № 21

  • Today's guest, Sarwang Parikh, and I talk bringing mindfulness to schools, social justice, and how we can deal with our families on Thanksgiving - especially when…

    № 20

  • With no guest, what will Lily do? She'll ramble a little, call her friend Julene and help her with setting boundaries, answer a few listener questions,…

    № 19