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Each week, San Francisco psychotherapist Lily Sloane, along with featured guests, answers some of life’s tough questions. But they won’t just tell you how to get along better with your mother in law. They’ll talk about the role of patriarchy, sexism, capitalism, racism, and other kinds of oppression in our day to day personal struggles and what we need to do to fight the forces that keep us down.


  • w/ Guest
    • Gabrielle Mullem

    Gabby Mullem, creator of the soon to be released podcast and multimedia platform project Raised, joins me to share more clips from stories of how people…

    № 98

  • w/ Guest
    • Amanda Guest (AKA Cosmic Amanda)

    BFF's founder and general manager, Amanda Guest, joins me to talk about the power of community radio to bring people together and raise up lesser heard…

    № 97

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  • w/ Guest
    • Dr. Rocío Rødtjer

    Dr. Rocío Rødtjer, author, historian, and lover of Keanu Reeves joins me to discuss feminism from a historical perspective. Her recent book, Women and Nationhood in…

    № 96

  • w/ Guest
    • Nick Venegoni
    • MFT

    Nick Venegoni joined me to discuss transpersonal psychology, working with queer folks, and choice in how one expresses their queerness. We also discussed a listener question…

    № 95

  • w/ Guest
    • Lauren Selfridge

    № 94

  • w/ Guest
    • Ben Ward

    Fellow BFF DJ of No Magic Radio joins me to share songs that make us feel. Also, we answer a listener question about men, balding, and…

    № 93

  • w/ Guest
    • Allegra Lucas

    San Francisco Psychotherapist Allegra Lucas returns to the show to talk about multicultural couples therapy, work place racial inequality, and becoming a mom. (She even uses…

    № 92

  • w/ Guest
    • Olga Rocklin

    San Francisco psychotherapist Olga Rocklin joins me again and helps us out with mindfulness. We also talk about what mindfulness, self-care, and healthy eating (all hot…

    № 91

  • w/ Guest
    • Josh Stern

    Josh Stern is a psychotherapist in the East Bay as well as host of the podcast "Healers on Healing." We talk about bringing making therapy more…

    № 90

  • w/ Guest
    • Joe Zarate-Sanderlin

    Self identified "queerdo" therapist, kink and alternative relationship expert, and professor Joe Zarate-Sanderlin joins me with their blue hair, nails, and fresh ink. We talk power…

    № 89