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Each week, San Francisco psychotherapist Lily Sloane, along with featured guests, answers some of life’s tough questions. But they won’t just tell you how to get along better with your mother in law. They’ll talk about the role of patriarchy, sexism, capitalism, racism, and other kinds of oppression in our day to day personal struggles and what we need to do to fight the forces that keep us down.


  • Cystallin Dillon joins Lily and Brian to talk about the power of group work. Also, today Radical Advice turns 1 and learns to walk!

    № 48

  • Bay Area psychotherapist Anna Benassi joins Lily and Brian to talk about Gestalt therapy, couples therapy, and the horror of of what's happening to children at…

    № 47

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  • Lily and Brian catch up after his vacation, answer some listener questions, and call a fan of the show.

    № 46

  • Today Amanda and Lily talk what it's like founding a community radio station and politics cuz it's ELECTION DAY. Brian is out of town and is…

    № 45

  • Rebecca Garza-Bortman of the band Love Jerks and the podcast Advice From Mom joins us to talk about mother/daughter relationships and more.

    № 44

  • Brian and I talk to women's reproductive health advocate Nina Pine. And we have a call-in question!

    № 43

  • Lily Sun, a San Francisco based Marriage and Family Therapist is a go-to for conversations about singlehood, dating, and culture. Ideally, alcohol or pillows to scream…

    № 42

  • Lily and Brian are joined by Caiti Crum, a psychotherapist in Oakland, CA to answer some listener questions.

    № 41

  • Brian Thompson is now officially Lily's cohost!

    № 40

  • Lily and Kristy talk about Kristy's work as a sex positive blogger and writing teacher and answer some sexy listener questions. Find Kristy at www.sexygrammar.com.

    № 39