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When I moved to San Francisco in 2009, it didn’t take me long to realize that the average, everyday San Franciscan was leading an extraordinary life.  It seemed everyone I met had an interesting, successful career, had traveled the world, and filled their weekends with fine dining and world-class outdoor activities.  Yes, San Francisco is a remarkable city and there is no place in the world I’d rather live.

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I wanted to do a show about these San Francisco people and the extraordinary lives they were living.  With this idea, the San Francisco People podcast was born in August 2014.  Most of the shows are 1:1 conversations with San Franciscans who come into my home and tell their story.  We talk about their journey to today as well as their favorite spots in their neighborhood, the City, and throughout the Bay Area.

As for me, I’m originally from Missouri.  I live in Pacific Heights and love this neighborhood for it’s walkability, beautiful homes, and beautiful views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge.  My perfect day in San Francisco would start with an early morning bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin.  When I get back, I’d spend the afternoon walking around the City and taking in all of our unique neighborhoods.  I’d end the night with friends having a great meal at one of my favorite restaurants, either NOPA or Tony’s Pizza.

I hope you enjoy the show and learn a little bit more about San Francisco!

- Frank Garza, Host of San Francisco People


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