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Shadowtime is a show about living in distinct and overlapping realities. It’s about our relationship to space and time. Our relationship to one another. Our relationship to the scale of time and space while understanding the tiniest fraction of existence. And it’s about being with all of this in a time of chaos, fear, and the illusion of control.

Shadowtime creates a space for reflection, settling, and feeling. We explore what we want to move towards, what we want to escape, using both the real and surreal to feel our matter dissolve a bit (and come back together).

You’ll hear music, stories, and sound experiments. You’ll hear fictional personas and very real dispatches from the lives of listeners and friends of the show. And you’ll hear things we haven’t discovered yet.

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Shadowtime is a word coined in 2015 by Ranu Mukherjee and Alicia Escott. Definition, as listed on the Bureau of Linguistical Reality’s website:

“A parallel timescale that follows one around throughout day to day experience of regular time. Shadowtime manifests as a feeling of living in two distinctly different temporal scales simultaneously, or acute consciousness of the possibility that the near future will be drastically different than the present.

One might experience shadowtime while focused on goal oriented conversations, tasks and planning for life as we have known it—(college, career or occupational ambitions). During such moments there is a creeping sense of concerns that would make all said planning obsolete or seem unimportant, i.e. the collapse of the Larson B Ice Shelf that will accelerate sea level rise. Shadowtime may also occur when one is preparing a meal for their child and suddenly realizes that an endemic flower that had evolved over 42.7 million years has gone extinct within their child’s lifetime.

Shadowtime is not exclusively a negative experiences demonstrated with epoquietude. It can make one reflect quietly on the tricksterish desire and escapism lying behind apocalyptic vision, as well as catalyzing an embrace of the unknown and a counteraction to anthropocentric hubris. While one may feel that shadowtime follows them always, the sudden experience of the presence of shadowtime amid day to day activities is often extremely disorienting.”

Heavy Rotation


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