Storied: San Francisco

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About Storied: San Francisco

An audio and visual documentary about artists, bartenders, community leaders, doctors, lawyers, and business owners who have one thing in common—San Francisco is where they live, work, or do their thing.

We aim to connect listeners with their neighbors. The world can feel like an isolated place, and hearing the life stories of people in your community can bridge those gaps at least a little. Especially in these times, we all need to celebrate and lift one another up.

We stand with the BIPOC community, in the Bay Area and everywhere, and all who fight for racial and social justice and equality. We acknowledge and respect the first humans of the unceded land we call San Francisco—the Ramaytush Ohlone. We condemn the genocide of these and other tribes across the Western Hemisphere. We honor their legacy and history, and we support rematriation and sovereignty efforts.

In Season 6, we're mixing it up to focus on people and places around The City, because we feel both are worth shining a light on. Thank you for listening.

  • Thursday 9:30 – 10:00am (bi-weekly)


  • In Part 2, Traci tells us that, after six months in Australia, during which she had put her things in storage here in The City, she…

    S6 E3 30 mins

  • In Part 1, we meet and get to know a bit about Traci's past. She grew up in Modesto. Her dad’s family is Puerto Rican and…

    S6 E3 30 mins

  • In Part 3, we meet Vesuvio bartender Joanna Lioce. Originally from Newport, RI, where her dad was a rock critic, the family moved to LA when…

    S6 E2 30 mins

  • Part 4 starts off with me and Joanna doing the math trying to figure out how long she's worked at Vesuvio. Turns out it's right around…

    S6 E2 30 mins

  • In Part 2, we hear how Janet got a job cocktail waitressing at The Mab , that infamous old punk club on Broadway near Vesuvio. Mab…

    S6 E2 30 mins

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