Storied: San Francisco

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About Storied: San Francisco

An ongoing audio and visual documentary about people—artists, bartenders, community leaders, doctors, lawyers, and business owners who have one thing in common—San Francisco is where they live, work, or do their thing.

We aim to further enrich the experience of being here by learning about the many people who've come before us, as well as those who continue to add to the feeling that this place is special. Get to know your neighbors through hearing their stories, and we hope that you'll be inspired by the people you meet here.

We stand with the BIPOC community, especially those folks in the Bay Area, and all who fight for racial and social justice and equality.


  • Tony Carracci 's life revolves around water. Tony's parents met in Seattle, where his mom was from. His dad, who is from from New Orleans, met…

    S3 E48 29 mins

  • ​In this podcast, Gillian picks up where she left off in Part 1 , with some bartending jobs she had while she went to college. After…

    S3 E47 30 mins

  • Gillian Fitzgerald  was born in Hospital (a town in Ireland). In this podcast, the owner of Casements Bar  in the Mission traces her lineage back to…

    S3 E47 31 mins

  • In this podcast, Marcell  picks up where he left off in Part 1 . He talks about work he almost got before landing a dream job.

    S3 E46 33 mins

  • Marcell Turner  found his home in San Francisco. In this podcast, the photographer shares the story of his childhood in Southern California. He skateboarded, loved punk…

    S3 E46 24 mins

  • In this episode, Ike picks up where he left off in Part 1 . After a short time in Davis, he came back to The City…

    S3 E45 31 mins

  • Ike Shehadeh has pretty much always made sandwiches. In this podcast, the founder of Ike's Love and Sandwiches takes us back to 1968, when his dad…

    S3 E45 33 mins

  • In this podcast, Brenda and Libby  pick up right where they left off in Part 1 , with the story of their meeting. It involves Delessio…

    S3 E44 35 mins

  • Brenda Buenviaje  grew up across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. In this podcast, we get to know Brenda and her life/business partner, Libby Truesdell .

    S3 E44 29 mins

  • In this podcast, Rodrigo picks up where he left off in Part 1 . He came back to the Mission to go to middle school at…

    30 mins

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