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Formerly known as Trap & Noise at Noon, TNN started as a love-letter to rap and its gateway to the expansiveness of black expression.

While it does have range, black art forms- let alone our existence are not a monolith.

Now under the alias, Talk & Noise, we've added a co-host, and more breathing room to dive deeper into real life sh*t, our favorite sounds, and their cultural intersections/influences.

Heavy Rotation

Talk and Noise at Noon plays Kanye West, Tyler The Creator (, Father, Kelela, Playboi Carti, n/a, N.E.R.D

  • Wednesday 12:00 – 2:00pm


  • G’day folks! We’re keeping it chill this week, more or less head empty and in the mix. After careful deliberation, and maybe too much tinkering and…

    S3 E2 120 mins

  • Woot Wooooot! We're back: Kenny's here, with his egregious acrylics (according to him), alongside Buck (who's back from a Euro-tour), and a very special guest from Detroit:…

    S3 E1 120 mins

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  • While Kennard is away getting a fancy acrylic set, the nerds will play. This week Tal is back and we're talking sampling, influence, and a less…

    S2 E14 120 mins

  • *sighs in exasperated black femme* Hey Ya'll. Life is life-in'. Not just personally, but systemically (as always, but ugghhhhh.) Today's epi is an air-out, because this…

    S2 E13 840 mins

  • In the thick of a very fiery Pride Month, we give you something a lil sweet, a lil silly, with a side of bisexual intel. We're…

    S2 E12 120 mins

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