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Formerly known as Trap & Noise at Noon, TNN started as a love-letter to rap and its gateway to the expansiveness of black expression.

While it does have range, black art forms- let alone our existence are not a monolith.

Now under the alias, Talk & Noise, we've added a co-host, and more breathing room to dive deeper into real life sh*t, our favorite sounds, and their cultural intersections/influences.

Heavy Rotation

  • Wednesday 12:00 – 2:00pm


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  • I’d like to name overwhelm of excitement to have The Memphis Legend, The Bay Area Rave Icon: Bored Lord in the studio today!!!! We’ll also be…

    S5 E6 120 mins

  • I’m bayack- we’ll be continuing the listening of the album Take Me With You by Anthony Naples, then following with a compilation: Evident Ware (Pt.02). I’ll…

    S5 E5 120 mins

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  • Beep-Beep-Boop-Bob-Beep-Boop-Bop, Binnnnnnnnchesssss! ...Okay. That was aggressive. Anyway! Today it's just me and my music library, and no real unpacking. Just audio exploration of the show's [partial}…

    S5 E4 120 mins

  • Would you believe me if I told you that my friend of 10 years has never heard the music I listen to (outside of what I…

    S5 E3 120 mins

  • G'day ladies, theydies, gentlethems, and dudes. Today we're getting out our red pens and scan-trons because we're reviewing new music. Sksksksksksks. Joined by pals Romii &…

    S5 E2 120 mins

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