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Your R&B geography lesson.

Indulge in a regional perspective of music, and see how environment influences sound. Take it back to the old school, sprinkled with a little bit of today.

Oldies // Low Rider Jams // R&B // F U N K //  Hip Hop // Bass // BOUNCE // 90s // Samples // Chicano Soul // Y más

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  • Inspired by my recent weekend vacay to New Orleans, this set is all Crescent City musicians. Bounce 60's R&B Oldies FUNK Blues! Did I say BOUNCE…

  • Inspired by the NUMERO GROUP, which is a new label that publishes previously unreleased and overlooked soul music. Showcasing some of the most prominent soul record…

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  • Heading back to Chicago for dat G.O.O.D. music. more kanye, yes Herbie Hancock please. Didn't play enough Curtis Mayfield, so you know.

  • Let's spend Christmas on Death Row.

  • I always thought SF could battle Chicago for WINDY CITY title, but I think CHicago refers to dat wind chill off the lake, whereas our ocean…

  • All the songs on this playlist are of Canadian aritsts, most notably from Toronto. You've been hearing a lot about "The 6" bc of Drizzy, but…

  • Missy dropped her first track in, what felt like forever, but was actually about ten years. Babygirl, this list is dedicated to you! From Melissa to…

  • Creative Direction by CDouble of Wing Wings! BMore native, CDubs gave me hella tips on BMORE Club musica! Future Islands lives in BMore, too, thanks to…