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About Throwin' Bo's Radio Hour

Born out of our monthly live music showcase at the beloved Elbo Room (RIP), Throwin' Bo's is a local live music force connecting you with our favorite artists, both local and touring, live and in the flesh. Since the closure of Elbo Room, we've been keeping busy, presenting shows with artists we truly care about at venues across the Bay Area.

Now we're bringing the sound of Throwin' Bo's to the airwaves with Throwin' Bo's Radio Hour on, where founder Eli Anaya plays you his favorite artists and, well, that's about it... for now....

  • Thursday 12:00 – 2:00am


  • Let's take a deep dive into a cultural phenomenon—Drake. We're not just looking at the hits, but taking a journey into the psyche of Soft Aubrey,…

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  • Let's take a gander at some of Throwin' Bo's upcoming gigs shall we? Pat Thomas Band The Molochs Seablite The Umbrellas 9/26 at The Knockout…

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