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About Trap and Noise at Noon

Rap has range.

From its rich origins, to its ever-evolving dialects, and beyond- this is a genre that influences most of our modern culture/colloquialisms without getting the intellectual flowers it deserves.

Trap and Noise at Noon (TNN) is a show-and-tell of that.

It's also my weekly safe space to start/share a raucous...I mean... who couldn't all use a lil catharsis?
Additionally, I'll be sharing some life-hacks/average-joe-tips, and occasionally interviewing local/underground/up and coming rappers.

For requests and inquiries, shoot me a DM on The 'Gram.

Heavy Rotation

Trap and Noise at Noon plays Father, YG, Kanye West, Tyler The Creator (, Li'l' Wayne, lil b, Rico Nasty

  • Wednesday 12:00 – 2:00pm


  • Trigger Warning: Death, Racially Charged Language, Violence Continuing with my deep dive of the entangled roots of rap, punk, goth, and black culture- this week it…

    S1 E3

  • Trigger Warning:  Discussion of heavy mental health issues, violence, police brutality, and racially charged language. In the wake of The AstroWorld Tragedy, I decided to revisit…

    S1 E2 120 mins

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  • If you think this show's gonna be two hours of the same-ol sounds...HA! Prepared to be taken aback.

    S1 E1

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