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Sure, we love Game of Thrones and Mad Men as much as the next girls, but everybody is talking about those shows. We're your source for everything you didn't think you wanted to know about hair conspiracies on Gossip Girl, what Mindy Kaling and Lindsay Lohan have in common, and whether or not your doctor should ever wear formal shorts to the office. Each week we pick a show, theme, or genre and ramble on its ins and outs. We also play music that relates to our theme, which is why our playlists have included Liberace, Ace of Base, and Dr. Dre.


Heavy Rotation

  • Sunday 10:00 – 11:00am


  • In honor of Lewis Hamilton becoming the first driver to reach 100 F1 wins, give a listen to our Formula One show again. Are F1 drivers…

    60 mins

  • How the hell is the Kominksy Method still getting nominated?

    60 mins

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  • What the hell with these leggings?

    60 mins

  • Fucking Bill. Sandra Oh deserved better. The only colleague she should have a crush on is Holland Taylor.

    60 mins

  • Two new documentaries about two artists examine the man behind the myth. Will shocking secrets be revealed, or is a streaming film just the easiest way…

    60 mins

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