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Twin Shrieks Radio is the loud outlet of Twin Peaks Sessions (those stripped down acoustic sessions filmed atop a rooftop in San Francisco). Twin Shrieks Radio brings out all the amps, distortion, and neighbor-free shrieking, loud drumming is even encouraged! We dive deep into the underground of the DIY scene, talking up Bay Area locals and welcoming in touring acts across the globe. You'll open up a vast catalog of discovery within alternative, punk, emo, hardcore and doomy rock (don't worry we will still play some acoustic relaxing jams, maybe). Hosted by Twin Peak Mike, @scrawnzz. Happy shrieking!

Heavy Rotation

  • Tuesday 10:00am – 12:00pm


  • We've made it to the week of Twin Shrieks 2022! Spooky boi szn is also unlocked, happy October. This show we will play the usual doom and…

    120 mins

  • Let's have a sweet time at the radio show. Featuring new sesh from the Number One Lovers, peep it here! We play new trax from Deafheaven,…

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  • Back at it live, just don't really think about it! Follow @twinshrieks @twinpeakssessions -- gigs and events coming oh so soon.

    120 mins

  • In the sun I feel as one. Summer trax all show long, with new new from Sarchasm, Bottle Adventure / Bedlocked (incredible split!), Chaser n moar.

    120 mins

  • Back on air for the first time in well over a year... let's see how this goes... Follow @twinshrieks / @twinpeakssessions

    120 mins

  • We hype up the next e-gig! A Behind the Vinyl Podcast live-stream showcase on the Twin Peaks Sessions YouTube, this Fri 6/25 5pm PST. I'm joined…

    120 mins

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