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About Vampire Dear

Vampire Dear is a kinky freak fest hosted by lesbian vampire, Annie Rose Malamet a.k.a. Madame de Sade. Features horror and exploitation film soundtrack scores, gothic rock, proto & post-punk, industrial, experimental, and anything else I feel like playing in my dungeon.

Heavy Rotation

  • Wednesday 1:00 – 2:00am


  • Tonight's episode: all erotic thriller soundtracks all the time.

    S1 E11 60 mins

  • A tribute to the soundtracks of films from the New French Extremity movement. Tracks from Trouble Every Day, Raw, High Tension, Sombre, Romance , and more.

    60 mins

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  • In honor of his birthday and mine, this episode is a tribute to the soundtracks from the films of John Waters.

    S1 E9 60 mins

  • Marijuana themed jazz from the 1930s-1940s to celebrate 420 brought to you by viper vixen, Madame de Sade.

    S1 E8 60 mins

  • We've had the angelic, now enjoy the satanic. Music from satanic sex cult horror, and some goth/metal/classic rock/and industrial selections.

    S1 E7 60 mins

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