We Let The Hats Decide

About We Let The Hats Decide

DJ super-combo, DJ Sanspants and DJ Pants, write weird things down on pieces of paper. Those pieces of paper get folded up and placed into a super combination of hats, fez and cowboy. We each pick pieces of paper out of those respective hats and whatever combination of words and phrases gets picked becomes the theme of the episode. It'll get wacky, we promise.

Heavy Rotation

  • Wednesday 6:00 – 8:00am


  • Today's themes are Clowns and Art!

    120 mins

  • Today's themes are Butter and Time!

    120 mins

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  • There's no difference. The Hats are just thankful to take a break. What of it?

    120 mins

  • Today's themes are Rivers and Movie Quotes!

    120 mins

  • The hats are tired. Let them rest.

    120 mins

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