IT'S A THREE-PEAT! Thanks to everyone who voted us Best Radio Station in SF Weekly's annual Best of SF Readers Poll for the third year in a row! (This must be what Steph Curry feels like everyday.)
10:38am, 5/19/2016
Autolux // Wednesday, 5/25/2016, at Great American Music Hall. // Doors: 7pm, Show: 8pm. // Ages 6+ // Win one pair of tickets. Contest ends 5/19/2016 at 3pm.
2:36pm, 4/09/2016
Full Moon Radio Hour 5/22 2am
When the moon swells to its fullest, this mysterious new program materializes on our schedule. Light a candle, line up your crystals, and howl at the Internet.
11:32am, 5/20/2016
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1:04pm, 5/04/2016
If you still believe in punk rock, go listen to "Human Performance" by Parquet Courts. Out now on Rough Trade records.
1:15pm, 4/24/2016
Bob Mould's latest album builds on his trademark sound and explores new themes.
12:37pm, 9/25/2015
One woman black metal debut full-length on Relapse Records.
12:05am, 9/19/2015
Infectious, glammed-out pop rock brought to you by a couple of Brooklyn punk gender clowns.
8:25am, 9/14/2015
An architectural tour of Battles' The Yabba.
3:11pm, 9/04/2015
Canadian underlords of nihilistic warrior cult death metal ADVERSARIAL have crawled up from the depths to unleash their first full-length album since 2010.
5:10pm, 8/24/2015
A nostalgic Indian Summer punk anthem.
10:41pm, 5/08/2015
If you've ever loved Suicide and psych music, the Space Blue cassette release will find its way into your heart.