"[B]ecause we are online we don’t have to abide by any FCC laws...Sometimes you get so excited about a song you drop an F-bomb, and that’s okay.”
10:43am, 12/18/2014
Anti-Flag playing "The Terror State" in the album's entirety // Friday 1/2/2015 at Slim's. Doors: 8:00 pm. Win one pair of tickets. Contest ends 12/26/2014 at 3 pm.
2:33pm, 12/14/2014
Join us at Pop's Bar TONIGHT!
DJs Teitan & Moonfog spin obscure hard rock/proto metal/NWOBHM jams. Best of all, by stopping by for a sip, you're supporting community radio!
6:18pm, 11/30/2014
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11:57am, 11/17/2014
Catchy, anthemic garage rock.
2:05pm, 11/10/2014
A teasing romp that pokes fun at complacency in the rock n' roll scene.
11:53am, 10/09/2014
A brilliant mix of poppy jangle, quirky guitarmonies, restrained vocal harmonies, and hopeful melodies that betray sad lyrics.
11:18am, 10/09/2014
Powerful and urgent punk rock.
10:53am, 10/09/2014
Bratty hooks served over a shimmy-shake beat.
3:51pm, 8/05/2014
Regal, smoothly symphonic pop.
3:20pm, 8/05/2014
An un-cut diamond of an indie pop gem, rough but brilliant.