Donate to Keep Alive is a 501(c)3 non-profit community radio station run by a volunteer staff who love music just as much as you do. Keep the fresh tunes coming by becoming a part of our awesome community- support us with a tax-deductible donation! Here's how:

Make a One-Time Donation

Support any one of our shows/DJs by making your donation in honor of the show/DJ you're supporting. Did you know that each one of our volunteer DJs pays monthly dues to cover's rent, streaming expenses, and music royalties? Pitching in to help a particular show says "thanks for keeping me company during my day" and frees up that DJ to buy more new music to play for you! Support your favorite show. (be sure to click "make this donation in honor/memory of someone" and add the name of the show you're supporting to the note field)

You can also make a one-time donation to the station's general fund, which keeps our studio in tip-top shape and allows us to make upgrades to our equipment as needed.

Make a Monthly Donation

Want to keep the relationship going? Then make it a monthly donation! Not only will you feel great helping out your best pals in independent media, but there are rewards!

Your support not only helps keep us on the air (independent and commercial-free) but also ensures we continue to grow into a positive force in San Francisco's music community!

How? Well, on top of pumping out top-notch programming, our mission is to help keep our local music scene world class by

  • sharing the newest local underground tracks on the air
  • interviewing local bands and giving them a platform to promote themselves
  • throwing shows at cool venues around the city
  • sponsoring events that uplift our music scene, such as Phono Del Sol, 20th St. Block Party and BARF- the Bay Area Record Label Fair.

Our pie-in-the-sky dreams include expanding our space and upgrading the Secret Alley's speaker system, building a mobile DJ booth so we can broadcast live performances both within our space and out in the community, and maybe even someday hosting a festival of our own!

Do you run a business? Contact us to find out how your contribution can get your business exposure on our website and newsletter!