full egg moon

psychedelic advice: fear // interview with Terence McKenna

"my money spell" // patti negri, hollywood witch www.pattinegri.com

portable radio transmissions from a cabin in rural oregon // 2017

carl jung: synchronicity and consciousness or esp? // video seminar by Dr Wayne Dyer

"money money money" // aired August 5, 1936 on Lights Out // written and directed by Arch Oboler 

"italian for travelers" // 1981 Editions Berlitz

"abundance" // Telepathic TV

cover art by shayna yasuhara
  • 12:00am lysander by mark barrott on international feel (international feel)
  • 12:03am disk ii 66 ft eola by matthewdavid on disk ii (leaving records)
  • 12:07am the heat is on by noosha fox on the heat is on (chrysalis)
  • 12:11am reflection (exerpt) by brian eno on reflection (warp)
  • 12:13am heavy cathedral by damaged bug on bunker funk (castle face)
  • 12:15am scream quietly by television personalities on mummy your not watching me (fire records)
  • 12:19am seedless easy peeler by the entrance band on fuzz club session LP (fuzz club)
  • 12:27am mojo by free weed on sweet things (gnar tapes)
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