@Jon_Digital Season 4 - Episode 15

Let's take two hours, just you & I, to kick back with two hours of new music. Wear headphones. 

  • 5:30am Telefon Tel Aviv by Nothing Is Worth Losing That on Map of What Is Effortless (-)
  • 5:36am Sonne - Machinedrum Remix - by patten on Sonne (Machinedrum Remix) (-)
  • 5:39am Ellen Arkbro by Three on For Organ and Brass (-)
  • 5:41am Lo Five by Mental Formations on When It's Time To Let Go (-)
  • 5:56am Defled by Novas on Hacking The Sun (-)
  • 6:03am Hydre Intime by Olderic on The Secret Chambers EP (-)
  • 6:04am This Is When We Met by Awanto 3 on Gargamel (-)
  • 6:05am Syrinx by A Made Up Sound on Stumbler / Syrinx (-)
  • 6:08am Frak by Reynerdes on Altan Gathering (-)
  • 6:34am Truth by Kamasi Washington on Truth (-)
  • 6:50am Light - Radio Edit by Derek Piotr on Tonic/You Move & Light (-)
  • 6:52am Camouflage Feat. Ann Weller by Fabian Dikof on Who (-)
  • 7:00am Home - Morgan Geist Remix by Joe Goddard on Home (Morgan Geist Remix) (-)
  • 7:05am Donny Blew It by Ross from Friends on Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes (-)
  • 7:13am Fit Of Body by 770-997-234 on Healthcare EP (-)
  • 7:16am Bona Fide by Momenat on Wiek (-)
  • 7:23am Void & Form - Trentemøller Remix - by Toydrum on My Eye On You (To Reinvision) (-)
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