Full Schedule
The best new underground music from around the Interwebs.
A little fluff, a lot of black hole.
Strange bleeps, bloops, and rhythms from all types of eras.
the dark side of hip hop and electronic
Mixing a musical nightcap of ambient bliss
oddities and obscur-ish musics from around the world, and across time.
From the Southern Pacific, we are here to groove you. - WS .❍.
Nice music. No mean music.
witchy vibes ☩ sonic spells
Catchy, nerdy, and weird songs that get stuck in your skull. Chiptunes, indie pop, hip hop, and more.
In pursuit of perpetual flow.
Small Crimes with the electronic feels.
Inspired by classic funk and disco, Make It Funky, a collective of DJs passionate about independent music, radio, and nightlife.
techno, house, and tech-house mostly out of the Berlin style but from artists around the world
Icelandic Music & Other Stuff Too.
BFF.fm's unintentionally-comedic duo of beardy British men
Alternating friends droppin’ noisy tunes and chill cuts from everywhere.
New music and details on concerts and parties coming to the Bay Area. Plus, some throwback jams and choice cuts for your Sunday supper.
++ ambient grime, bit-shifted beats, dub, r'n'b, mutant electronics ++
Knokternal is a Wednesday Night Future / New Music show, featuring the latest in underground electronic music.
An eclectic mix of recently released music fused with tunes from the pioneers who inspired our contemporary favorites.
I came to shred but ripped instead
Chill tunes & phat beats to get you out of the Sunday morning haze.
I've got a bunch of 45's and I'm gonna play 'em.
music to make you feel good (or sometimes more bad)
post-rock, lo-fi, surf-rock, new wave, synth pop, garage, shoegaze & all that is holy
Jazz/funk/hip-hop/grooves from across the cosmos, since 2006.
Get schooled in EDM, trap, old school hip hop & overall good vibes
Future beats for present day headphones.
Punk, garage, punk, soul, punk, electronica, punk.
dark electronic Brooklyn weirdness, occult rituals, vegan recipes
chill electronica
the best of independent music locally, nationally and internationally
Interesting sounds & dope beats from Los Angeles & beyond!
Showcasing the local heroes keeping the music alive and well in the Bay area.
Making Mondays better, one song at a time.
Synths, indie, garage, punk, hip-hop, classic country, psych & much more.
Magical pairings of songs with San Francisco spots/feels.
ambient, noise, drone, classical, avant-whatever, and other weirdness
British new music obsessive, @Jon_Digital, serves up a generous portion of new electronic, indie and acoustic music for your listening pleasure. You never know what's coming next!
Keep the weekend buzz going at Last Call.
An eclectic vinyl experiment.
just tryna chill. easy monday morning listening to keep ya vibe locked.