The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #76

futureshock hip hop, noise and idm-revivalist sounds!

  • 12:00am Whispers Ft. Elsa Hewitt by Bambooman on Whispers (-)
  • 12:03am Surface by Mallard on Verte (-)
  • 12:08am chimer 1-5-1 by Autechre on elseq 2 (Warp)
  • 12:13am Welcome To The Future by Avelino on FYO (-)
  • 12:17am XCR by Broshuda on No Fun (-)
  • 12:21am Rex Ryan (feat. Westside Gunn & Roc Marciano) by Conway The Machine on Reject 2 (-)
  • 12:24am Inner Circle by ASOK on Inner Circle (MÖRK)
  • 12:30am Plug One by Aesthete on Obfuscation (-)
  • 12:37am -Cide [777_08] by Futers on U Get Me [777_08] (Visit
  • 12:42am qre i by Esem on Enveloped (remaster) (Visit
  • 12:46am Magna Kanye by E.m.m.a. on LA Mermaid (-)
  • 12:49am Burrow by Darren McClure & Arovane on Nest (-)
  • 1:01am Into Ether by Unknown Archetype on Into Ether (-)
  • 1:09am k l u g h l e s s by Bad JuJu on Prana Bindu: Volume One (-)
  • 1:11am WE RUN THIS MAMAMAMAMA (KABLAM MESSUP) by Bey x Nunu on NEW YR NEW US (The Astral Plane | Astral Plane Recordings 2017)
  • 1:15am If U Weren't Here by CLYDE on My Brain & Other Animals (Visit
  • 1:16am Julian by David Fyans on Subscriber Series (-)
  • 1:21am A Cat With A Throat by Basic House on Pathetique (-)
  • 1:31am VALIS by Félicia Atkinson on Hand In Hand (-)
  • 1:36am Glow (GAIKA Zicatea Dub) by 18+ on Babyfather / GAIKA Remixes (-)
  • 1:40am Come Get Some by Aportrait on Valky (Visit
  • 1:43am Gentle Chain by Jeals on Flux (Visit
  • 1:48am FD14 by DVA [HI:EMOTIONS] on NOTU_URONLINEU (Hyperdbu)
  • 1:52am Session 111101 by Best Available Technology on Exposure Therapy (-)
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