The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #84

modular algorithmic rave & r'n'b hits from the future.

  • 12:00am Circles On Circles by Bitchin Bajas on Bajas Fresh (Drag City)
  • 12:08am The Garden by Carla Dal Forno on The Garden (Blackest Ever Black)
  • 12:11am GNATS by MIKE on BY THE WATER (Visit
  • 12:14am Baby Blu by Hype Williams on Rainbow Edition (Visit
  • 12:14am Flip U by Coucou Chloe feat. Sega Bodega on Erika Jane (-)
  • 12:18am Verudela Squad by CHUNKY on Threats EP (-)
  • 12:23am L6 by Nicola Ratti on The Collection (Visit
  • 12:28am Water Vapour (ft. Sea Urchin) by 7FO on Quiet Flash / Water Vapour (Visit
  • 12:31am Synecdoche by Yves Tumor on Experiencing the Deposit of Faith (-)
  • 12:35am BAD ENDING by CALUM GUNN on ENDERS (-)
  • 12:39am Spilling Past by Renick Bell on Misapplications (Conditional)
  • 12:42am Snooker Authority by DJプチプチ on Misapplications (Conditional)
  • 12:45am I love you by UPGRAYEDD SMURPHY on Sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you (Visit
  • 12:48am XX by NODE PRAYER on X-XXX (Visit
  • 12:56am Filas & Undercuts by Luke's Anger on Filas and Undercuts (Visit
  • 1:01am Mechta by DJ Heure on Mechta (Lobster Theremin)
  • 1:07am Flexx by Jeals on Flux (Lobster Theremin)
  • 1:14am Silver Surfer by Kask on Vorst (Visit
  • 1:19am Magnetic by Cooly G on Magnetic EP (HDB015D) (Hyperdub)
  • 1:22am Ask Yee by Hype Williams on Rainbow Edition (-)
  • 1:24am Style & Grace by Steven Be Calm on Actin' Right EP (-)
  • 1:28am ZPRITE by ZOMBY on GASP! (Hyperdub)
  • 1:34am Untreated Emotions by Asymmetrical on 21 Yars Of Silence EP (Neo Violence)
  • 1:40am Fluo by Beatrice Dillon and Call Super on Inkjet / Fluo (Visit
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